PAPR Ecosystem Tokenomics on KuCoin Community Chain


Launch Date: November 7th

Fair Launch 🥳
Fair launch made possible by grant funding awarded from KCC, THANK YOU KCC!

NEW Tokenomics 🤯
Never before seen in DeFi. Innovated and Engineered to perform.

🚀 Board this rocket as PAPR and PRNTR expand our ecosystem to the KuCoin Community Chain!!

The Basics

$PAPR’s price is adjusted by devaluation, using the Printing Room (When TWAP > $1) to increase supply; and by INK, our third token in the PAPR Ecosystem (When TWAP < $1). INK has never yet needed to be minted across all three blockchains the ecosystem has launched on so far. You can’t get more efficient than perfect!

$PRNTR is the native, cryptographically-secured fungible governance token of the PAPR ecosystem. $PRNTR emits $PAPR into the ecosystem.

Learn about this incredible technological breakthrough in our docs:

A successful protocol requires more than innovative mechanics alone. People make it work. People, give it life. The people it serves, the people who built, innovate, and support it, and all the people everywhere who want something (and deserve something) so much better than the oppressive system we currently have. PAPR Ecosystem’s focus on empowering you by Being Your Own Bank (BYOB) and creating real-world use cases to help your everyday life, truly is the future. Join us now, or wish you did later!

Building $PAPR Use Cases for the REAL-WORLD!

Our uniquely innovative code for this Origami Bridge, is ready and waiting for release; and is prepared to greatly improve the daily experience for all the DeFi users at large.

Our team is funded and working around the clock (really we do) to develop and deliver user-informed real-world use cases. The first being PaprJobs, our Freelance DeFi platform. PAPR will not be the only currency on PaprJobs; and all tokens used in PaprJobs will be applied in a manner which constantly increases the stability of the PAPR token.

Much larger real-world use cases on the horizon and being developed right now! So huge you won’t believe. We are already negotiating with sectors and industries of the real-world that you definitely use every single day. Connecting them to DeFi for you to control your own destiny and resources.

PAPR’s ubiquity will grow with each use case; as a savings, cash asset, joining BUSD, USDT, USDC and others, but we have an advantage…PAPR is the only one driven by real demand and balanced by solid calculus. The PAPR Ecosystem protocol has been tested, proven, and demonstrated it is reliable, robust, and secure since the prototype went up, in May 2021. With PAPR, people are able to earn safe income by providing liquidity with PAPR-STABLE pairs (Pair on KCC To Be Announced).

How to Bridge Funds to KuCoin Community Chain?



Total PAPR supply: unlimited

Initial PAPR supply: 10,000

Initial PAPR price: 5


Any distribution method other than the Printing Room (many projects make this mistake) carries risks for price stability. Therefore, we at PAPR Eco will never use PAPR for providing liquidity in an insensitive or detached manner; it ALWAYS be based on and directly correlated to the conditions and pressure of the market, not greed or emotion.




After many hours of discussions, engineering, and testing, we went back to the drawing board and worked out the bugs with a fully reengineered improvement. The result, we have created a new, unique, non-inflationary tokenomics model which will increase performance and price reliability for both major tokens of the PAPR Ecosystem.

PAPR-STABLE and PRNTR-STABLE pools explanation
Both pools will receive USDC. Every day, PRNTR will be bought from the market and distributed among stakers for the duration of 3-years.

This model will nurture and strengthen the protocol; creating a constant buying pressure on PRNTR, creating desirable outcomes for participants.


Even though PRNTR will not be inflationary, PRNTRs from reserves can still be put to use in partner DEXs, but will not have the adverse effects of the former, full-inflationary model and will be compensated for by partners farms.

This concept, planning, engineering, innovating, and refinement of the PAPR Ecosystem is the result of taking the wishes of our community and putting in the work to make it a reality for you.

I hope this post was informative and as exciting for you as it is for us!
Write to us on Telegram if you have any questions :)

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First crosschain Algorithmic Stablecoin with elastic supply running on the BSC, Polygon. Website :

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First crosschain Algorithmic Stablecoin with elastic supply running on the BSC, Polygon. Website :