The paprprintr team

3 min readMay 21, 2021


First of all, let us present ourselves : We are a French team (baguette!) that has a lot of experience in cryptocurrencies and that always aimed to create something thanks to the blockchain. Most of us have been looking into this amazing world for years and when we discovered DeFi and how well it works on the Binance Smart Chain, we knew this was the moment to show what we have to offer.

Our plans

We want to make a sustainable ecosystem that will consist of numerous platforms to make cryptocurrencies and DeFi more accessible and intuitive for newcomers. Our first project will consist of an enhanced algorithmic stablecoin protocol, followed by a vault protocol, a DEX… Following the “traditional” DeFi roadmap in a way, but with some other original and unsuspected apps !

The Team

HashM (LEAD) : In the crypto world since 2016, I specialized in Solidity development in order to create what I wish to see on the blockchain thanks to code. /segzwithasianwaifu

Lex (LEAD) : Interested in crypto since 2017, I handle the tokenomics and marketing sides of the project. I constantly get new ideas to enhance the ecosystem and love to listen to suggestions. Memeing my way through the crypto-jungle.

Antoine (SOLIDITY) : I’m the youngest member of the team and want to make it big in this world, so much that I started coding at 11 y.o.

iGuttenberg (SOLIDITY) : I’m here to bring wisdom and help taking a step back when pressure comes in. Also like to get drunk.

IamBlueDev (REACT) : Slow and steady, that’s the way I see things in order to deliver proper work.

Lucien Bramard (DEGEN/MARKETING) : I’m the complete PRINTR degen and got a serious problem with The Wolf of Wall Street and OSS117.

What we stand for

  • Transparency : We want to be clear on what we do and let users know why we do it
  • Security : All of our projects will be audited so no exploits can be used on our contracts
  • Sustainability : There are a plethora of quick-money schemes on this blockchain and we ensure that everything we do is sustainable and long-term oriented.
  • Communication : A lot of projects got a good technical team but most of them lack communication skills. Interaction with the public is something we value a lot as we saw many applications failing due to frustration of its users.
  • Freedom : We truly think that cryptocurrencies are a way for the people to be financially free and to extricate themselves from big centralised entities, and plan to help reach those goals.
  • Fun : In addition to being a financial revolution, the crypto environment is a fun field to interact with. Get your memes ready ;)

To conclude

We really look forward to seeing how you will react to our different apps and hope that they will fulfill your expectations of a solid and sustainable ecosystem. Our team is working very hard to provide you with the best of the best !

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First crosschain Algorithmic Stablecoin with elastic supply running on the BSC, Polygon. Website :