The paprprintr team

  • Transparency : We want to be clear on what we do and let users know why we do it
  • Security : All of our projects will be audited so no exploits can be used on our contracts
  • Sustainability : There are a plethora of quick-money schemes on this blockchain and we ensure that everything we do is sustainable and long-term oriented.
  • Communication : A lot of projects got a good technical team but most of them lack communication skills. Interaction with the public is something we value a lot as we saw many applications failing due to frustration of its users.
  • Freedom : We truly think that cryptocurrencies are a way for the people to be financially free and to extricate themselves from big centralised entities, and plan to help reach those goals.
  • Fun : In addition to being a financial revolution, the crypto environment is a fun field to interact with. Get your memes ready ;)



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First crosschain Algorithmic Stablecoin with elastic supply running on the BSC, Polygon. Website :